discover the poetic universe of dried flowers ... to use without moderation for any occasion! give a touch of romanticism to your interior, and this, without maintenance or almost!

want to create a unique atmosphere for your event? want a unique bouquet? do not hesitate to contact us by sharing your needs with us and we will be happy to send you proposals and quotes if necessary.

dried flowers in glass vases on the floo
mot doux

sweet word

want to offer a bouquet with a nice word? write your text in the section provided for this purpose when choosing your bouquet and we will be happy to send it with your flowers!

how to maintain your bouquets?

_dried flowers are fragile, so handle them with care.

_to dust them off, you can use a hair dryer (cold air) with a distance of 30 cm, do not hesitate to use a little hairspray as a preventive measure.

_in order to keep the colors of your flowers as long as possible, avoid placing your bouquets in the sunlight.

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* vases not included with the bouquets